Service Dogs

kathy ans sumner and reboundSERVICE DOGS

We have said it before: our office has gone to the dogs… service dogs, that is. We now have FIVE: three assist staff who are blind/visually impaired, one helps a staff person who uses a wheelchair, and our latest addition helps a staff person who is deaf/hard of hearing.

If you have any questions about service dogs, please contact us. One of the dogs,  or staff, will be glad to help you!

2 thoughts on “Service Dogs

  1. this idea sounds great to me i am hearing impaired i wear 1 hearing aid when i really need 2 and the one i do have is from a sporting goods store as i cannot find any help getting hearing aids for a very low cost or for free,I would love to have a dog but since i live in government housing they say it has to be 25 pounds or you have any like that? Thanks,Tracey Jones

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