Our CIL's Blog Dog

Our CIL’s Blog Dog


I’m new to all of this. What does advocacy really mean and what can it do for people with disabilities? – Felicia, a new guide dog

Dear Felicia,

Advocacy is learning to speak up for yourself and others who have disabilities.

Advocacy is educating yourself and others about your capabilities, rights and accommodation needs.

“Nothing About Us Without Us.”

There are many ways to advocate. Some people write letters when they have a concern, some talk with others, some make public presentations, some visit legislators, some organize and march. Our former director says that one needs to find one’s comfort place on the advocacy continuum.

Wherever you are in the process, the results can be self-empowerment, living more independently, and effecting systems change.

NWGA CIL staff can help you with your advocacy needs.

Remember, there is strength in numbers, and a tail wag gets you a lot farther than a snarl.

Paws Up!

Blog Dog

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