Celebrate Independence at the the NWGACIL “Unevent”!

You Are Invited to our Non-Gala Unevent!

Please don’t come to our Un-Gala Non Event
Stay away and you can prevent
A lot of bustle and hurry
and “What do I wear?” worry

You can avoid makinght rounds
and those pesky extra pounds.
Instead, you can escape
to the mountains or the cape!
Or let go and play
with your hobbies all day
and enjoy the time you spend
with family and friends. 

But, please send us a check
before lounging on the deck
Your money will be well-spent
to make others independent!


Celebrate your freedom to NOT attend a fundraising event

And, in turn,  help someone else celebrate greater independence.


Click Here to Donate

What is a night with no commitments worth to you? Here’s what your contribution could be worth to our constituents:

  • $25 Grab Bar so that someone can bathe themselves safety
  • $100 Rolling Walker so that someone with a balance disability can walk
  • $500 Ramp to allow someone in a wheelchair to go to the store, doctor, church, or other place of their choosing
  • $750 Accessible Tablet for someone who is blind, deaf, deaf & blind, or with a brain injury or learning disability
  • $3000 CCTV or Accessible Computer for a youth with disabilities caught in the transition gap
  • $10,000 Accessible Bathroom for a person who would otherwise be unable to attend to themselves



Your generous donations at work!

Every dollar counts! Please help us reach our fundraising goals by donating something today!

If you’d prefer to mail in a donation, please make check to
242 North 5th Avenue
Rome, Georgia 30165

or call us at (706) 314.0008 and toll-free at (866)888-7845. 


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