The Bigger Picture, Issue 2

It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for another issue of The Bigger Picture! Here are some neat things happening in the world of IL right now…

New White House Receptionist

The White House has a new receptionist, and she’s sending a great message to the nation. Go read about it!



The world is jam-packed with video games today. With the mass-market release of the original Nintendo Entertainment System to North America in 1985, video games went from the arcade to the homes of countless individuals to enjoy at their own leisure. In the 30 years since then, we have seen enormous advances in technology, creativity and the market. But something that has moved much slower than the industry itself is the innovation to make video games accessible to individuals with disabilities. But The AbleGamers Foundation and their program, Includification, have rushed to the rescue! Check out their site for more information on options to make video games accessible!

*Do you have any experience with video games and disabilities? Tells us in the comments!


AXS Map 

Ever worried about whether or not you’ll be able to get in and out of a new place? Had anxiety before going to a new restaurant about whether or not you’ll be able to go in with your wheelchair? Well you’re not alone, and someone has a great new idea to help alleviate these worries! Jason DaSilva has created the app AXSMap to help the world rate their neighborhoods’ accessibility. Read a news article on the app here, and check out the app itself here.

*Is this a service that would help you? Could you see yourself utilizing it to increase your independence? Scroll down to the comments and tells us more!


Staff Spotlight –  Avis Elliott

Each week on The Bigger Picture we’ll be bringing you a closer look at one of our wonderful staff members. This week, in our sophomore edition, we get a little glimpse at someone behind the scenes here at NWGACIL, Avis Elliott!

Avis Elliott

Avis Elliott

How long have you worked with NWGACIL? Since 2012

What do you do at NWGACIL? I am the Business Coordinator –  Accounting, Financial Reporting, and assisting the Exec Director with budgeting and other financials.

Do you have a disability? Yes

What topic of independent living do you find most important? Advocacy –  Everyone needs to speak up for themselves.  We must advocate for ourselves and everyone with a disability.

What’s the best part of working at NWGACIL? The people who work here.  Everyone here has a positive goal to help others and this shows in helping consumers and in interacting with co-workers.

What have you learned from working here?  Independent Living is based on you.  You make the choices.  You decide. For me, as a person with a disability, it is great to know I can make the decisions about my disability based on what I want, not what others may want.

What do you do for fun? Spend time with my family.

Do you have any pets? Yes, I have a long haired mini dachshund named Yo Yo.

Would you rather be a tiny elephant or a giant hamster? I like being human, thank you.

If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? Any beach,  anywhere.

What’s the best advice you ever received? Be kind to others.  Always.



Recent updates from NWGACIL…

"This bed feels great on my tiredness!" - Sumner

“This bed feels great on my tiredness!” – Sumner

A long two days! First, mom (Maia), Maggie, Kathy (Maggie’s mom) and I visited a Senior Center in Pickens county, and donated a CCTV so some of the people who go there could read more easily. Next we visited the Chambers in Pickens and Fannin county. We took some really long winding roads to get to Blue Ridge, and we visited with a consumer. The center helped him with materials for a really long ramp and now he can get out of his house and go buy food. My favorite! We spent the night back in Elijay and visited their Chamber, too. After that, we drove back to Pickens and attended a presentation by veterans and people who serve veterans. We even ran into someone who lives around the corner from us in Rome! There was a lot of talk about post-traumatic stress and several resources for veterans.  So now you see why I am crashed in bed. Maggie had overindulged in treats, and she didn’t even make it up to the bed!


We hope you found some helpful info with us this week, and if not we hope that you at least got a smile from these tidbits.  All of us here appreciate our consumers, community partners, donors and friends–you rock! Come back next week for more! – JB

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