Posted in May 2015

The Bigger Picture, Issue 10

We’ve got a quick and simple entry into The Bigger Picture this week; but fear not, next week will be a doozie! Uber: Disability Laws Don’t Apply to Us The name “Uber” has been in the national news quite a lot lately, and it’s back again—but this time, it’s concerning their ADA compliance (or lack … Continue reading

The Bigger Picture, Issue 9

And so came the ninth post of The Bigger Issue, born of sweat and oil, bubble and boil, trouble and toil! (Not really, it’s quite fun and easy!) This Company Designed Dolls That Have Scars And Use Hearing Aids Toys and dolls have long been representations of the crossing of real-life and fantasy. Some toys are … Continue reading

The Bigger Picture, Issue 8

Welcome to the eighth edition of our weekly blog, The Bigger Picture! Hard to believe it’s been two months since we started this project, but here we are! Let’s jump on in, the water’s fine! The Accessible Icon Project Long before written language, humans used symbols and pictures to communicate, commemorate and designate. Though we … Continue reading

Low Vision Technology Open House

Join us for… The Low Vision Technology Open House! Hosted by NWGA CIL with products by Enhanced Vision! When: Tuesday, May 19          11:00AM – 1:00PM Where: Sara Hightower Regional Library, 205 Riverside Parkway NE. Rome, GA 30161 RSVP at (800) 440-9476, ext 2231 This is a FREE event featuring hands-on demonstrations … Continue reading

The Bigger Picture, Issue 7

Is it Wednesday again already?! It’s May, already?! Holy Flying Time, Batman! ADA 25 Spotlight Topic for May We’re getting closer to the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act! July 26th will mark 25 years of change in our nation, and beyond! Each month this year, the ADA National Network has a theme … Continue reading