The Bigger Picture, Issue 8

Welcome to the eighth edition of our weekly blog, The Bigger Picture! Hard to believe it’s been two months since we started this project, but here we are! Let’s jump on in, the water’s fine!

The Accessible Icon Project

Long before written language, humans used symbols and pictures to communicate, commemorate and designate. Though we have words now, symbols still play a huge role in how we categorize different aspects of life. One of the very recognizable symbols is the accessibility icon used to show that an area or parking space is designed to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. This symbol has changed several times through the modern era, and Sara Hendren & Brian Glenney have redesigned it once again. This new design reflects individuals with disabilities leading active, kinetic lives. Check out their project here!


New Hampshire is First to Ban Subminimum Wage

There has been a lot of buzz in the news lately concerning minimum wage in the United States, especially talk of raising the rate to reflect economic changes. But there’s a new change—and a first of its kind—in New Hampshire regarding minimum wage. The state is the first to ban any use of “Subminimum Wage”, and this greatly affects individuals with disabilities as many jobs they may perform (specifically through vocational rehab programs or OJT programs) have their wages set below minimum wage. The commentary from the public on this subject is very divided. You can read more from Disability Scoop about this topic.

*What do you think of this issue? Will a ban on subminimum wage help or hinder individuals with disabilities who want to work? Tell us in the comments below!


Virtual Reality Therapy for Strokes

The term “virtual reality” is synonymous with a variety of futuristic things, but “therapy” probably isn’t one of those things; until now! In an effort to help rehabilitate survivors of strokes, a Swedish company called MindMaze has developed a VR helmet and program that will help re-invigorate damaged neurons or cause undamaged ones to take over for any that had been affected by a stroke. Take a look at the article from Wall Street Daily to learn more about an excellent innovation!


Staff Spotlight – David Hortman

Each week on The Bigger Picture we’ll be bringing you a closer look at one of our wonderful staff members. This week we have one of our newer staff members, David Hortman, who joined us last summer as part of the BIP grant (Balance Incentive Program).

What do you do at NWGACIL? BIP Referral & Information Coordinator

How long have you worked with NWGACIL? Since 7/7/14

Do you have a disability? No disability

What topic of independent living do you find most important? How to help people find the resources they need to stay independent

What’s the best part of working at NWGACIL? Best part is the people I work with

What have you learned from working here? Learned how to help those in need

What do you do for fun? For fun, work in the yard, play golf and spend time at our lake house

Do you have any pets? Two miniature long hair dachshunds, Oppie & Pippa

Describe a typical day in the life of you. Work, run errands, yard with dogs, TV, bed!

What’s the best advice you ever received? Treat others like you would like to be treated


There you have it, peeps! Didn’t we have some great news stories this week? Don’t worry, I’ll be combing the internet again next week to bring you the latest in disability and IL news. Please be sure to leave us your comments below! Thanks for tuning in!

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