The Bigger Picture, Issue 10

We’ve got a quick and simple entry into The Bigger Picture this week; but fear not, next week will be a doozie!

Uber: Disability Laws Don’t Apply to Us

The name “Uber” has been in the national news quite a lot lately, and it’s back again—but this time, it’s concerning their ADA compliance (or lack thereof). The Daily Beast has all of the details on this hot issue.


Georgia Negotiates Over Developmental Disability Transfers

Many of us here at NWGA CIL had a role in the execution of the Department of Justice ruling concerning facility placement of individuals with mental and developmental disabilities. (I personally was part of an ACT team, tasked with finding community placements for individuals being discharged from the facilities.) It was a very controversial ruling, and the manner in which it was carried out was even more controversial. Despite happening several years ago, the effects of the ruling are still being felt today. To see the latest on the DoJ ruling, head over to WABE.


This Hospital Invited A Therapy Llama To Visit Patients

Therapy animals are becoming more and more prevalent, as the community catches on to the amazingly valuable contribution animals give to our lives and our emotional/mental wellbeing. It’s probably safe to say that when someone thinks of a therapy animal, they think of a dog; possibly even a cat. But a Llama?? That’s right, meet Pearl the therapy llama!

Recent Events at NWGA CIL…

On Tuesday, 5/26, Kathy and Jill traveled to Dalton for Rep. Tom Graves’ Senior Fair. They were among many excellent vendor tables, and were able to perform one-on-one outreach to the attendees. There were great opportunities for networking with other agencies, organizations and vendors, too! (Maggie did a great job of finding all sorts of things I had lost in the backseat of my car! Unfortunately, the tube of lipstick she found just wasn’t complimentary to her coloring.)

Our table at the Dalton Senior Fair!

Our table at the Dalton Senior Fair!


maggie car1 maggie car2


You won’t want to miss next week’s edition: we’ll have our first service dog spotlight, as well as discussing the June topic for the ADA 25th Anniversary! Until then, have an excellent week!

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