The Bigger Picture, Issue 12

Here we are at another Wednesday, and another edition of The Bigger Picture! Which wonderful doggy will you meet today?? Guess you’ll just have to read on down to find out!

ADA Spotlight Topic for June

The ADA National Network’s theme for the month of June is…Countdown to ADA25!! It’s almost here! The 25th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act is quickly approaching (is it really June already??) and we are so very excited to celebrate one of the most monumental legislative achievements in American history! Here are some resources provided by the ADA National Network to help you gear up for next month’s big anniversary:

New Study Shows Most People With Disabilities Striving to Work

It’s absolutely no surprise to us here at NWGA CIL that the Kessler Foundation’s new study showed what the latest US Census was unable to show: that most people with disabilities are striving to work! While that doesn’t catch us off guard, it’s great to see that others are able to learn that disability does work. The Detriot News reports on this study that can help spread the word that there’s no reason to fear disability in the workplace! (And that just because you have a disability, it doesn’t mean that you cannot or will not work!)

*Likewise, you can check out an article from Disability Scoop detailing the rise in the number of individuals with disabilities in the workplace.


Augusta Dentist Finds Disability Law Provides ‘level playing field’

In another story focusing on disability in the workplace, we get a look at something a little closer to home: Dr. J. Ronald Bennett, a dentist from Augusta, GA. This article and interview from The Augusta Chronicle details how the ADA has affected him and his practice as a dentist. Our communities need to learn that the Americans with Disabilities Act means more than sidewalk ramps and accessible doorways. It has created a “level playing field”, as Dr. Bennett can attest to in his article.


The Doggie Dialogue

Humans aren’t the only workers at our organization! We have several hard-working, dedicated service dogs that assist our staff members with their daily lives. Last week you got to meet the “Wild Woman” Felicia (whose human is Christina Holtzclaw), and this week we’re going to pull up a rug and get to know Jamie, whose human is ILC Tonia Clayton. Let’s see what Jamie has to say!

Jamie, one of our dedicated service dogs

Jamie, one of our dedicated service dogs

What’s your name?  My name is Jamie Lee Clayton and my human is Tonia Yvonne Clayton (aka mommy/boss).

What do you do for your human?  My duties include: watching out for traffic when mom is crossing streets or in parking lots, watching for curbs & stairs whenever mom is traveling, keeping mom from running into different obstacles like people, trees, trash cans, & poles.

"What's all this cold, white stuff?!?!"

“What’s all this cold, white stuff?!?!”

What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t helping your human?  My favorite thing to do when I am not helping mommy is to chew on anything I can get my mouth on or sleep as long as I can.

Are you the only non-human at your house?  I am the only nonhuman in the household.

Jamie with her brother, Duko (also a service dog)

Jamie with her brother, Duko (also a service dog)

Do you think cats are trying to take over the world?  Yes, but I think I could beat them up and they would think twice before taking over the world.

Describe you’re a typical day in your doggie life.  Here is my day when we have to come into work: get up, eat breakfast, go to the bathroom, get on the bus, go into the office; sometimes I just lay around the office and sometimes we have to do to different events or meetings. Get on the bus to go home and then rest up until the next day for work.

Can you really teach an old dog new tricks?  Yes you can learn a new dog a trick; I can undo my snap on the tie down at work but mom came find out that I am off because she keeps a bell on me; I am now trying to learn to come and touch her hands when she tells me to touch so she can take off my harness when we get home from work.

"Aahhhh, some cool shade to lay in!"

“Aahhhh, some cool shade to lay in!”

If I were going to reward you with a treat, what would it be?  My treat would be anything eddible that would not hurt me.

How would your human’s life be without your help?  If mom did not have me, I think she would not be safe in the community; she would use her cane and not be as confident about her surroundings.  I think that she is very independent when she has me, much more than when she is using the white cane.  I think that I would get people to notice her more and talk with her when I am around instead of that stupid stick.

Jamie with her human, Tonia

Jamie with her human, Tonia


And here’s a treat for you: Jamie playing with one of her friends!

Did you enjoy meeting Jamie? I certainly have! Join us next week for another close look at our service dogs. Also, check out this announcement from earlier in the week about supplies we are in need of for some of our programs that benefit members of our community. See you next time for another issue of The Bigger Picture!

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