The Bigger Picture, Issue 16

It’s a mega busy week for us here at NWGA CIL, but we’re bringing you another edition of The Bigger Picture anyway (albeit short and simple)!

The Importance of Reassignment as a Reasonable Accommodation 

While we’re here in the anniversary month of the Americans With Disabilities Act, let’s take a look at an opinion piece from the official blog of This article discusses “reassignment” as a reasonable accommodation under the tenets of the ADA. 


A Brief History of Marriage (in)Equality for People with Disabilities

Marriage equality has been a big part of national and international news in the last week or so, but there’s one dialogue that seems to be missing from all of this: Marriage Equality for People With Disabilities. We’ve found an excellent article on the history of marriage inequality for people with disabilities, go take a look! (*I was unaware of a lot of this stuff; what an enlightening read!)


Recent Events at NWGA CIL…

On June 23rd, Maia, Chris and David attended the GVRA/CIL joint dinner in Macon to network with our compatriots at Vocational Rehab.

On June 24th, Kathy and Jill attended a training session for the screen-reading software suite Dolphin Guide, at GA Tech’s Tools for Life. Maggie came along and made sure that we behaved. She makes a great Jeopardy partner, too!

"What is 'Feed Me Human'?"

“What is ‘Feed Me Human’?”

Then on that Thursday, the 25th, Andy and Tonia presented a great class on budgeting & couponing to the Kaleidoscope group in Cedartown!

Friday saw Kathy representing us at the Rome Chamber of Commerce’s Squaretable luncheon, where she learned about all sorts of tech being used in the Rome area.

The following week, our intrepid leader, Maia, made a guest appearance on Elizabeth Davis’ morning show on TalkRadio 1410 AM WLAQ to discuss all sorts of ongoing and upcoming events we’re having.

And this week we’re all working very hard to get a few big mailings out, as well as email campaigns, so keep an eye on your inboxes!


Speaking of Maggie, she’s passed me a coded note that took about a week to decipher (I’m not trained in Woof Speak, only Cat-ish), but it’s a really important missive she wanted me to pass on to all of you…

“Must keep note short. All is not quite on the cat front. I’ve seen our house cat laying on the computer, and I know that’s how you humans do really important things. Will continue reconnaissance. Please send supplies. Preferably edible supplies.”

Oh no! We’d better keep an eye out for more of Maggie’s messages, this sounds serious! Be vigilant, readers, and enjoy the rest of your week! Thanks for tuning in this week!

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