The Bigger Picture, Issue 17

It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means! We’ve got a few new articles this week, and updates on two stories that we brought to you in previous editions. Here we go!

Hero the 2-Legged Calf

Accessibility isn’t just for humans! Disabilities affect animals, too, and just like us humans they can have assistive technology to help them access their world. Meet Hero, the 2-legged calf, who is getting new prosthetic legs from someone in Florida. NBC 12 has the story. We hope these legs work great, so that Hero can mooooooooo-ve on through the fields! (*What? Oh come on, you know you like puns!)


Eyes on Success

In the market for a podcast that is presented by and for individuals with vision impairments? Well we’ve got one for you! Eyes on Success is hosted and produced by Peter Torpey & Nancy Goodman Torpey and distributed by WXXI Reachout Radio in Rochester, NY. Peter has a vision impairment and Nancy is sighted, so they have been working and learning together with this podcast since 2011. You can search their archived podcasts on their website. They post updates weekly, and this week’s topic is screen-reader accessible online games!


Uber Expands Service for People with Disabilities

In issue 10 of The Bigger Picture (May 28) we brought you some information about car hire service Uber and their issues with accessibility. Well it looks like there’s more news on that front, and hopefully this time it’s good news. Mashable has an article for us detailing what Uber is doing to become more accessible, action likely taken after the great amount of attention they garnered for not being accessible. Only time will tell if Uber really is becoming more accessible.


Don’t Forget to Vote for Krige!

The ESPY awards are tonight, which means NWGA will be watching to see if our hometown favorite, Krige Shabort, wins the award for Best Male Athlete with a Disability! Voting is open until 8pm tonight (July 15th), so if you haven’t voted, head over to ESPN’s page and tell them how proud we are of him! GO KRIGE GO!!



Upcoming Series: Board Spotlight!

Fans of our spotlights, never fear! We will be returning soon with spotlight articles on some of the members of our Board! I’m very excited to bring these interviews to you, and hope that you will enjoy getting to know more about our wonderful Board!

Recent Events at NWGA CIL:

On Thursday, July 9th, the whole team here attended SOJOURN’s “Love and Support: Preventing Suicide in the GSD Community” workshop at the Floyd County Board of Education. This was an amazingly enlightening and educational seminar brought to us by Robbie Medwed, SOJOURN’s assistant director. The seminar contained a wealth of information on how love and support are the best tools for preventing suicide in individuals in the GSD community. (GSD stand for Gender & Sexual Diversity; it is an acronym that is being used in-place of the ever growing LGBTQetc acronym.) From videos about the heart-breaking suicide of Leelah Alcorn to a group activity for matching terminology with its definitions, all of us here were so fortunate to participate in this critically important workshop. He even discussed how disability affects the lives of people in the GSD community! Please visit SOJOURN’s website to learn more about their important work, and all of us here want to give Robbie and the team at SOJOURN an enormous invisible internet hug for what you are doing! You can find SOJURN on Twitter here, and on Facebook here!

This whole summer is turning out to be a busy one for us here at the CIL as we churn out our Non-Event invitations, a newsletter for this half of the year, and as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act! Don’t forget that we’re having our Open House on July 22nd with tons of tasty desserts (which will fit many different dietary needs, such as gluten-free and diabetic-friendly).


Next week we’ll be bringing you lots of news about the ADA anniversary, and give you some pictures and news about the Rome City/Floyd County Proclamation that was made for July 22, 2015! What an exciting time in the world of Independent Living!!

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