Our 2015 Non-Event!

You are cordially invited to our second annual Non-Event:

 An Imaginary Picnic

…Fish ‘n’ Chips, Chicken Strips, Baked Bean Dish,

Cole Slaw Mix, Sweet Tea ‘n’ Mint, Pecan Pie Bits…

to Celebrate and Support the Independence of

People who have Disabilities

When: Summer 2015

Where: from Wherever You Are

RSVP: by September 2015

OUR GOAL: $10,000


Our intrepid GEORGIA TECH graduate and confirmed Yellow Jacket Executive Director, MAIA SANTAMARIA, will KISS a GEORGIA BULLDOG! (the 4-legged kind)

That’s right, help us reach our goal, then come to the September 4th First Friday concert at Bridgepoint Plaza and see Maia, dressed in GT garb, brave a teeth-baring, grunting, drooling GEORGIA BULL DAWG and kiss it until its tail wags!

Please Don’t Come…

…just add us to your Summer To Do List

  • $25 could pay for grab bars so someone could bathe themselves safely.
  • $100 could pay for a rolling walker with a seat, allowing a person with a balance disability to walk, and take a rest when needed.
  • $250 could provide a Pocket Talker for a person who is hard of hearing to help them hear conversations, meetings and programs.
  • $500 could provide materials for a ramp, allowing people who use wheelchairs access to church, doctors, grocery stores.
  • $750 could buy a tablet with apps for a person who is blind, deaf, deaf/blind or has a brain injury or a learning disability.
  • $1000 could provide a computer with specialized software for a youth with one or more disabilities who is entering the real world.

Simply click the Donate button on the right to support our mission!

We so appreciate your generous donations to help make

Independent Living possible in our community!

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