The Bigger Picture, Issue 22

We’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming this week to devote Issue 22 of The Bigger Picture to spotlighting our Non-Event, and what donations can do for the consumers that we serve…

Our Second Annual Non-Event

Last year, we held our very first “Non-Event”, a summertime happening that invited all of the friends, family and consumers of NWGA Center for Independent Living to join us in both celebrating our mission and raising funds to further that mission. We’re doing it once again this year, and we ecstatic to report that we have already surpassed last year’s fundraising totals! (For more info, click here.)

But just what are these donations used for? How can a $25 donation help a person with a disability? Let’s take a look:

  • $25 could pay for grab bars so someone could bathe themselves safely.
  • $100 could pay for a rolling walker with a seat, allowing a person with a balance disability to walk, and take a rest when needed.
  • $250 could provide a Pocket Talker for a person who is hard of hearing to help them hear conversations, meetings and programs.
  • $500 could provide materials for a ramp, allowing people who use wheelchairs access to church, doctors, grocery stores.
  • $750 could buy a tablet with apps for a person who is blind, deaf, deaf/blind or has a brain injury or a learning disability.
  • $1000 could provide a computer with specialized software for a youth with one or more disabilities who is entering the real world.

That’s an excellent simple break-down of what each dollar amount can provide for someone who has a disability, but there’s a better way to see what donations can do for our consumers, and that is…

Our Success Stories

We have a section of our website dedicated to the success stories that come month after month from the consumers that we help. Here are just a few of those stories:


RD is a consumer who is deaf/blind, and lives in Whitfield County. When we first met him, his wife was in a nursing facility for rehabilitation (she is home with him now). A concerned person told him about us, and we have been working with him on his goals of remaining in the community and communications. With our referral and working with other resources, he received a computer this month and now has an email account. Here is what he wrote:

“…think about you a lot cause u try help me, lot to do for blind and deaf, it was so wonderful of u and thank u, also missed u too [and] like ur dog !”



K.T. of Floyd County contacted our center, and here is her story:

“I moved … back in February of 2015. I had no way of getting in and out in my Jazzy chair. Only the hope that I could get help in building a ramp. A group called Northwest Georgia Center for Independent Living was referred to me. I applied for help with them. And thank God my prayers were answered. They donated the funds [for materials] to build me a ramp. Now I can get in and out.

Thank you”


Consumer H.D. received a ramp

Consumer H.D. received a ramp

Consumer H.D. achieved her independent living goal of getting a new wheelchair ramp for her home! NWGA CIL partnered with the family for assistance. The addition of a ramp to a home is a key component in maintaining mobility and independence for individuals who use wheelchairs. This can sometimes be a daunting task, however we are able to assist many in achieving these goals. We are very happy to see H.D. using her wheelchair ramp to go in and out of her home!


This is just a small glimpse at what the donations we receive do to help people with disabilities. Assistive technology is something that we use quite a lot here at NWGA CIL, and we provide ways for our consumers to get these items to make the world more accessible to them. But it isn’t just monetary donations that help our consumers; we also take various types of “durable medical equipment”, or DME, such as shower chairs, wheelchairs, walkers, rollaters, bedside commodes, and more. We take these used but good condition items and redistribute them to people with disabilities in our 15 county service area, at no cost to them. Often times, the people that receive these items wind up returning us to them when they no longer need them, and we’re able to help another person with that same item.

We also use donations (both monetary and in-kind) to help with one of our newest programs, the Community Closet. This program, began in Feburary 2015 in partnership with the Senior Promotions Council, has helped us serve people in our community who are in need of incontinence supplies for their families & friends. We’re very proud of this program, and here are the numbers that show what we’ve been able to do in just six months so far:

Total Number of Consumers Served: 32

Packages of Items Donated: 140

Counties Served: Bartow, Chattooga, Floyd, Gordon, Polk

 What can YOU do to help??

Click the Donate button at the top right to send us a monetary donation

Call us at 706-314-0008 to get details about donating items

Come by our office at 242 N 5th Avenue, Rome GA, Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm to donate your used DME or unused incontinence supplies

Email us at to see what items we need

Volunteer your time and work (call or email us for details)


We simply cannot do what we do without the support of our community, and our appreciation to you is immense. Thank you for joining us this week and learning about the ways you can help us continue our mission. Please join us next week when your latest series, Hide & Speak, continues. Have a great week!

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