The Bigger Picture, Issue 24

Welcome back! We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus as we prepare to end our fiscal year and generate new, unique content for the website. Look for exciting, new stuff starting in October! For now, here’s a few news articles to keep your brain occupied…

Floyd County’s New Emergency 911 Text Program

NWGA CIL is very happy to have assisted the Floyd County Emergency Management and Rome-Floyd County E-911 is implementing the Text-to-911 program, which is now active in Floyd County. Our own Kathy Baker sent the inaugural text to the program, and we are so happy that emergency services are becoming more accessible to people with disabilities in our area. For pictures and more info, see WRGA’s article here.

Everyday Struggles for a Wheelchair User

The circumstances of our lives are all as unique as we are, but similarities in some areas allow us to feel comfort or camaraderie with people who find themselves in the same situations as us. For people who use wheelchairs, they are presented with “everyday struggles” together. Each person who uses a wheelchair is unique and different, but many share similar issues. This list compiles some of these struggles with a dash of humor. Check it out at Buzzfeed.

Hearing Loss Myths

Let’s have another list about a disability and living with it! This article from AARP helps dispel 5 myths about hearing loss. You can read it by clicking here.

New Device Provides Breakthrough for Mobility Assistance

Here we have a video that’s been circulating the internet news world lately, of a device that can help people with mobility issues, especially those that use a wheelchair. The device assists the user in being upright while they are moving, as well as helping lift them off sitting surfaces, like chairs or beds. Take a look below.


Thanks for joining us this week! Rest assured that we’ll be back with new content next month. We’ll see you then!

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