Posted in January 2016

The Bigger Picture, Issue 29

Oh, there you are! So good to see you, come on in! Make yourself at home, I just finished baking our quick blog for today! Voter Registration in Georgia Ending Soon We here at NWGA CIL highly encourage all people–but especially people with disabilities–to exercise their right to vote in local, state and federal elections. … Continue reading

The Bigger Picture, Issue 28

Hello again, faithful readers! Welcome to this week’s issue of The Bigger Picture! There’s some huge news for Georgia residents needing housing assistance below, and a few other nuggets of noteworthy notions. SourceAmerica and AbilityOne Being Investigated by Feds CNN is calling it “what sources say could be the biggest fraud case ever in a … Continue reading

The Bigger Picture, Issue 27

How’s the new year treating you? Motivated and ready to tackle it? Kinda sluggish, but getting into gear? How about just down-right cold? Yeah, me too. But here we go! Dive in! ADA Improvement Bill Drafted An activist from Topeka has helped to draft a bill that has been introduced by Sen. Charles Schumer (D) … Continue reading

The Bigger Picture, Issue 26

It’s 2016 and we are BACK! Everyone here had a wonderful holiday and we sincerely hope that you, your family, friends & loved ones also had a restful and joyous holiday. Now it’s time to dive head-first into 2016! Keep reading below for a collection of news items from around the web relating to disability … Continue reading

Happy World Braille Day!!

January 4th is World Braille Day! And as someone else said today, “It’s going to be a bumpy day!” (Oh come on, you know you laughed.) Louis Braille was just 15 years old when he began developing the communication system for people with vision impairment, in 1824. While its use is declining in favor of … Continue reading