26th Anniversary of the ADA!


Happy 26th anniversary to the Americans With Disabilities Act! 

America would be such a different, harsh and inaccesible place without the ADA, and we here at NWGA CIL want to celebrate what it has brought to our lives every single day! But there still is so very far to go. There are many people and places in the world that still do not see people with disabilities as humans just like anyone who does not have a disability. This is apparent in the attack on Tsukui Yamayuri-en facility in Sagamihara. Tsukui Yamayuri-en is a facility where people with disabilities live and learn ways to enrich their lives, sitting on a 7.5 acre site in the mountains west of Tokyo. It houses 149 residents from teens to those in their 70s. A former employee entered the facility early in the morning on Tuesday, and attacked many people with a knife. 19 have died, and 26 are injured at the time of this blog’s writing. The killer turned himself in to the police, and said that he did it because he wanted to rid the world of people with disabilities.


This attack is proof that there is still such a long way to go for people with disabilities to be accepted as humans with rights, just like those who do not have disabilities. NWGA CIL stands in solidarity with Tsukui Yamayuri-en, and with all people who have disabilities. We will continue to fight for our civil rights in our community and beyond.

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