Accessible Ballot Info for Rome/Floyd County

As election day draws near (November 8th), we have partnered with the Rome & Floyd County Elections Board to bring you accessible versions of the state of Georgia’s proposed amendments, and the ballots for Rome and Floyd County. On this page, you will find audio recordings of the amendments and ballots being read aloud. You will also find visual images of the ballots and text versions of the proposed amendments. We hope that this will assist voters with sensory disabilities in making their voice heard! Continue through the rest of this page to access these files.

Audio Files of the Proposed Amendments for Georgia and Rome/Floyd Ballots

The amendments have been recorded in two versions: full text, and summaries. The full text audio files are the entire amendments as proposed on the ballot. The summary audio files are simplified versions of the amendments. The ballots are divided by city & county, and then by district.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using a screen reader to access this, simply select the links to the information you are interested in hearing. A new window will open and you may select the Play button to hear the audio. When you are finished, use the Back feature on your device to return to this list of audio files.

Full Amendments

Introduction to the Proposed Amendments

Amendment 1

Amendment 2

Amendment 3

Amendment 4

Amendment Summaries

Introduction to the Amendment Summaries

Amendment 1 Summary

Amendment 2 Summary

Amendment 3 Summary

Amendment 4 Summary

City of Rome Ballots

City of Rome, District 12 Ballot

City of Rome, District 13 Ballot

City of Rome, District 14 Ballot

Floyd County Ballots

Floyd County, District 12 Ballot

Floyd County, District 13 Ballot

Floyd County, District 14 Ballot

Federal Ballot

Text Versions of the Proposed Amendments for Georgia and the Rome/Floyd Ballots

Clicking the buttons below that correspond to the file you want to view will open the file in a new window. The ballots are in .pdf format, and the amendments are in plain text.




City and County Ballots

city-ballot-12     city-ballot-13


county-ballot-12     county-ballot-13



We truly hope that these audio and text files are helpful to you. Please share this page anywhere you deem helpful, so that we can make the ballots in Rome & Floyd County as accessible as possible to people with disabilities. Now…get out there and VOTE!

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