The Bigger Picture, Issue 33

Welcome back to The Bigger Picture, our somewhat-weekly blog that brings you NWGA CIL news and disability news from around the town, country and world!

ACLU Releases Report on Solitary Confinement of People with Disabilities

From the ACLU’s website: “This report provides a first-ever national ACLU account of the suffering prisoners with physical disabilities experience in solitary confinement. It spotlights the dangers for blind people, Deaf people, people who are unable to walk without assistance, and people with other physical disabilities who are being held in small cells for 22 hours a day or longer, for days, months, and even years. Solitary confinement is a punishing environment that endangers the well-being of people with physical disabilities and often violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. The report’s revelations about the particular harms of solitary on people with physical disabilities shows the urgent need for far better accounting of the problems they face and the development of solutions to those problems.” There are two links in the middle of the page, one to the article in pdf format and one that is ADA-accessible. You can find the report here.

Supreme Court Hears Case on Education Services for Students with Disabilities

Before the United States Supreme Court right now is a case that could become a landmark in terms of the services provided to students with disabilities. The case’s decision will determine whether or not students receive the bare minimum needed to give them equal access to education, or if more is necessary from school systems to meet the student’s needs. You can read an article from NPR about this case here.

Disability Rights Record Highlighted by Senator Tammy Duckworth at Potential Attorney General’s Senate Hearing

Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) has been an outspoken critic of the voting record of potential Attorney General Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.). Sessions is President-Elect Donald Trump’s pick for Attorney General and, along with the other potential cabinet selections, he has faced the confirmation process this week. Huffington Post has a story detailing how Senator Duckworth is speaking up and fighting for people with disabilities (and more specifically, the Americans with Disabilities Act) in the process of Sessions’ hearing. Senator Duckworth is a veteran of the Army Reserve who was deployed to Iraq in 2004. Injuries that she sustained when her Black Hawk helicopter was hit by rocket-propelled grenade resulted in both of her legs being amputated. You can read more about Senator Duckworth here.

New Davies Shelter Nears Opening

Ending our post with zooming back to the local, the William S. Davies Homeless Shelter has been a huge contribution to social services in Rome and Floyd County for many years. Earlier this year the shelter closed temporarily while they located and prepared a new building to expand and improve their services. Their new site is nearly ready, and they have hired a new director. You can read more about the new site here from Rome News-Tribune. The article states that the new shelter is accessible to people with disabilities; we look forward to hearing more about the accessibility of the new building.

That’s it for us here at The Bigger Picture this week! Tune in next time for more news. We’ll be sure to bring you updates about our office move as soon as they’re available, too!

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