NWGA CIL Now Has More Resources

May 11, 2020                                                                                    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 

NWGA Center for Independent Living Now Has More Resources

NWGA Center for Independent Living (NWGA CIL) now has resources to assist people who have disabilities navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. These resources are in addition to our usual services and programs, and we still serve people of all ages who have all types of disabilities.

Do you live in NWGA?

Do you have a disability?

Are you impacted by COVID-19?

Let us know how we may help you.

  • Stay in touch with your friends, family, and community through Assistive Technology
  • Enjoy socialization and Peer Check-in with our Monday at 2 p.m. Zoom calls
  • Navigate your home with help with Home modifications
  • Take care of yourself by getting Durable Medical Equipment, Self-Care and Personal Care Items
  • COMING SOON: NWGA CIL Personal Protection CARE Kits
  • Train in the use of the above or take our courses in Health and Wellness, Owning Your Money or Employability
  • Learn to effectively ask for what you need
  • Keep up with the latest resources for assistance

Find more by checking out our web site and Facebook, call us at 706-314-0008 or email Erna Dobbs at info@nwgacil.org

May 11, 2020

Dear Peers (people who also have disabilities),

Many of us have found that we need to have our homes, self-care needs, and communication systems better prepared so that we may live our lives independently in the “new normal”. For those who do not have homes and those who want to leave a nursing facility so that they may live in their own home, the needs are even greater. Some who are living at home may now need to adjust to the loss of a caregiver and need to figure out whether there is even more they can do for themselves and whom else might be able to become a caregiver.

New approaches, technologies and resources have been surfacing in response to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though our office is still closed, and we will be operating virtually for a while longer, we are providing full services. Please contact us. All of us have disabilities and we are here for you.

Wishing health and safety to all,

Maia Santamaria, Executive Director

NWGA Center for Independent Living, Inc.

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