COVID-19 Care Kits Now Available!

NWGA CIL FREE Personal Protection CARE Kits
Now Available

These kits include:
• 3 face masks
• 2 disposable forehead thermometers
• 5 pairs of large or x-large gloves
• 5 Individual alcohol wipes
• An NWGA CIL lanyard

These kits are reserved for people who have disabilities and live in NWGA.

To request a kit and become a consumer,
contact us at 706.314.0008 or

Do you live in NWGA?
Do you have a disability?
Are you impacted by COVID-19?
Let us know how we may help you:
• Stay in touch with your friends, family, and community through Assistive Technology
• Enjoy socialization and Peer Check-in with our Monday at 2 p.m. Zoom calls
• Navigate your home with help with Home modifications
• Take care of yourself by getting Durable Medical Equipment,  Self-Care and Personal Care Items
• Keep up with our latest resources for assistance

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