Quinn’s Vacation

Amicalola Falls in Dawson County Georgia

Recently I had an opportunity to go to Amicalola Falls State Park where they also have a zip line. My family decided to participate in the zip line they have there. As a person who is legally blind this was a great experience. I did need help with registering as they use your phone number and send you the form as a link to your phone so be aware of that. The staff were great and very helpful. There are three levels to the zip line and we completed level two. The staff explained the procedures and helped me with the harness and equipment to make sure everything was correct and safe. Because of the way the harness works, there are places that the hook needs to go through and while that wasn’t easy for me, the staff helped me every time. The zip line is a series of short and long lines that go to another platform. The platforms seemed to sway a bit but was not an issue for me. To complete level two, you go through level 1 first to get you started and comfortable with the zip line. The level two was longer and did have some walking and a rope bridge. The rope bridge was odd as the sides were strong wire but the steps were several feet apart from each other and I had to be careful where to place my feet. Going down the zip lines were quite amazing. The feeling of rushing air, the speed and all that goes with it was quite exhilarating. I would Zip line again.
-Quinn Durrant

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