Summer Newsletter


Summer is almost over Newsletter

We’ve been busy!

First meet our newest member.

She’s a bundle of energy and hit the ground running. She helped someone out of a nursing home her first week here!

Our prayers are still going out to Avis Elliott and her sons. Avis had a stroke in June and has been truly missed by her NWGACIL family. We miss you Avis!


In May we did a lot of traveling including to Walker County where Quinn and Kathy got to meet some of the county’s brave emergency responders.

We started celebrating the ADA early with lots of  Zooming and information on how The Americans with Disabilities Act has help us and our communities become more inclusive and accessible.

The best part of any celebration is food. We hosted the Business Before Hours Meeting for August and want to thank everyone who participated. We even had some left over, but it didn’t go to waste!

And then on to Hack Berry Labs where we got to see the 3D printers and handle some of the items those amazing students have turned out. Thank you, John Grosse!

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