Core Services

ADVOCACY: Nothing About Us Without Us


Advocacy is learning to speak up for yourself. If you don’t make choices for yourself, someone else probably will, and you may wish they had made different choices. We can help you to express your choices in ways that others will hear and respect you.

Systems Change

Some choices just aren’t available without making them possible. We provide skills and assistance to encourage and empower persons to pursue system changes that will increase access and equal opportunities for people with all types of disabilities.


People with disabilities sometimes need to develop necessary skills to live independently. We offer training in such areas as money management, job readiness, and personal resource management.

INFORMATION AND REFERRAL: The Basis for Informed Choices

We have a wealth of knowledge, networks and partnerships that are focused on the needs of people with disabilities in our NWGA community. We maintain a database of resources to enhance the awareness of disability-related services, resources and issues for people with disabilities.

PEER MENTORING: The Core of all Our Services

All of our staff are Certified Peer Supporters, and all of us have disabilities. We offer you support based on our personal experiences of navigating systems and making choices to become independent.

NURSING HOME TRANSITIONS: The unofficial 5th Core Service

Some centers, such as ours, offer diversion/transition services to those who would prefer to live in the community as opposed to in a nursing home.