Diversion from going into a Nursing Facility or Other Institution

We place a great deal of emphasis on empowering people to stay out of institutions:

1. Most people prefer to stay in their own home or community as they age or their disability progresses. Choice, quality of life, better health, positive socialization, and dignity are many of the reasons cited by people with disabilities.

2. It costs our state twice as much to maintain a person in a nursing facility, rather than in their home.

3. It is always easier to keep someone out of a facility, rather than transition them out.

Our service assists people with disabilities who wish to continue to live in their chosen community, rather than have to go into a nursing facility. This service is provided through a combination of a variety of our other services and programs, such as peer support, home modifications, and assistive tools and technology.


Transition from Nursing Facilities or Other Institutions

We provide this service for persons with disabilities who reside in a nursing facility or other institution. This service enables them to transition and live independently in their chosen community, while also introducing them to peer supporters and a variety of community-based services.

Youth Transition

This service addresses the time period between a youth’s graduation from high school and their entry into the “real” world, whether that is higher education, work or living in their chosen community. Once again, a combination of our other services and programs is used to empower youth. We also work with youth, no matter their age or school status.


These transition services fit with our serving people of all ages, who have all types of disabilities.