Holiday Newsletter 2015

You are Cordially Invited to Be Our Honored Guest

at Our Thanksgiving Open House.

We Give Thanks to You,

Our Consumers, Supporters and Partner Organizations

for Sharing So Many of Your Blessings With Us Throughout the Year.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

242 North 5th Avenue, Rome, Georgia 30165

PLEASE R.S.V.P. by noon on Friday, November 13th, to 706.314.0008


Give the Gift of Dignity

and Contribute to Our Holiday Pull-up Drive

Our center’s Community Closet program has been so successful that we are running very short on incontinence supplies. Almost 50 people have signed up since the program began earlier this year, with more signing up each month.

We need Adult sizes L, XL, XXL and Youth size Y/XS. Our center is about out of these sizes. We want to be able to at least continue serving our current consumers and, hopefully, serve new consumers. In addition, we need bed pads.

This program is in collaboration with the Senior Promotions Council. NWGA CIL also serves youth consumers in need of these items.

NWGA CIL Executive Director, Maia Santamaria, said: “One of the most frequent comments we hear about our Community Closet program by people receiving items is: ‘it gives me some dignity’. Many people who use these items are able to go out in the community and/or interact more with family.”

So please, Give the Gift of Dignity, by bringing one or more packages of pull-ups and bed pads to our center at 242 North 5th Avenue, Rome 30165 this Holiday season. You may even bring them when you come to our Thanksgiving Open House on Wednesday, November 18th between 11 and 1.

PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT need diapers or gender specific items.




If you don’t sign or sing, that’s OK. Just bundle up in a holiday sweater or hat and join us anyway for family fun!  We will gather at the parking deck corner of Broad Street and 5th Avenue in Rome at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 17th, and sign and sing up and down Broad Street. If you want a refresher course in sign language, call our office. Invite your family and friends, and if you are in a choir, ask them to join us too.


The Staff, Volunteers and Board of

NWGA CIL Wish You and Yours

the Many Blessings of the Holidays

Now, and Throughout the New Year


Our office will be closed for the Holidays

from noon on Wednesday, December 23rd

until 9 a.m. on Monday, January 4th.



I heard mom and dad talking about effective communication as defined under the ADA and how courts, government, medical facilities, and businesses have to provide it for people who need it.

I know that there are certified Sign Language interpreters for people who are deaf, and there are trained Support Service Providers for people who are deaf/blind, but they do not trained to provide reading services.

So where can a covered entity who is required to provide effective communication for someone who is blind find qualified readers?

-Buck, Daddy’s dog

Dear Buck,

You pose a very good question, because there is no pool of readers. Since people use so many words, reading is not like our simplified and direct dog communication. No, according to the DOJ,’s most recent rulings: “A ‘qualified’ reader means someone who is able to read effectively, accurately, and impartially, using any necessary specialized vocabulary.”

Just as there are ASL interpreters who specialize in legal or medical terminology, a qualified reader would have to be able to accurately read such documents and forms. I would add confidentiality, too, as a pre-requisite. After all, even though people don’t bury their dog bones, they don’t want other people knowing about their money and personal business. Impartiality is another key. For example, courts that hire ASL interpreters use certified consultants, not court personnel, and so covered entities should not use their own personnel as readers.

Let’s “Bark Up!” and create a pool of certified qualified readers for people who are blind!


Yours, CIL Dog



In January, 2013, we became the NWGA Center for Independent Living, Inc. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our continued growth and service are due to you, our donors and supporters. You have helped us serve our wonderful consumers in the fifteen counties of NWGA, empowering them to be more independent and part of their chosen communities.


The Morehouse Group, CPA

Wells Fargo


Home Instead


Donna and Mailon Baxley

D’Ann Downey and Randy Warley

Robert K. Finnell, PC

Angelina Forde

Georgia Museums

Suzy and Pete Gilbert

Delana Hickman

Mrs. HF Hunter, Jr.

Teresa King

Jeanne and Mark Krueger

Mary Lancaster

Sue Hamler Lee

Melanie and Nicholas Merrin

Bonnie and Jim Moore

Mellow Mushroom

Lydia and Ralph Peters

William Peterson

Rome Braves

Maia and Jose Santamaria

Bobbi and Phyllis Townsend

Ann Turner

Marta Turner

Amy Weaver

Ginny and Jay Word


Gena Agnew

Dawn Alford

Kathy Baker

Hal E. Blanton

Barbarann Bongiovani

Susan and Jim Bradshaw

James Brink

Brenda Broome

Samuel T. Burrell, Jr.

Janet and William Byington, Jr.

Denise Cagle

Dixie Cook

Mary Dailey

Katie Dempsey

Heather Earnest

Rhonda Eichenberger

Brian Freeman

Sandra Garrison

Christina Holtzclaw

Bob and Susan Hortman

Jeremiah Howard

Bernice Jackson



Mary Kimbrough

Frances F. Knight

MarketTrak, Inc.

Barbara Monday

Debbie Moon

Annette Morris

Liz and Dan Mozley

Corrina Murphy

National Federation

of the Blind

Kay New

Mary Ortwein

Janet Peterson

Judith and Melissa Pierson

Sheri and Josh Ransom

Robert Rudert

Tracy Slack and Associates

Harold Storey

David Strain

Clara Angelea Taylor

Brenda and Dennis Trosclair

Andy Wade

Judy Wade

Kimberly Weaver

Wendi Wilson

Betty Whitaker

Wiyanna’s Salon

Mary and Curt Yarbrough

Maureen Zeigler

In-Kind Donors and Supporters

Blue Sky Outfitters

Brewhouse Grill



Cycle Therapy

Darling Pets

Duffy’s Deli

Ford Gittings and Kane


Great Harvest Bread

Greene’s Jeweler’s

Hawthorne Suites

Healing Hands Life Center

Sean Hogue

HON Company

Ann and David Hortman

Honeymoon Bakery

Johnny’s Pizza

Lieberman’s Chiropractic

Little Caesar’s Pizza

Mellow Mushroom

Merle Norman

Merry Maids

Panera Bread

Papa John’s

Paradise Books

Partridge Restaurant

Pizza Hut

Posh Upscale Resale


Marie Rice

River City Bank

Schroeder’s New Deli


Sweet Pickles



Donna Baxley

Karen Blythe

Breanna Chubb

Debra Farrell

Sally Hall

Sean Hogue

David Holtzclaw

Calvin Holtzclaw

David Holtzclaw, Jr.

Emily Holtzclaw

Sara Holtzclaw

Shannon Holtzclaw

William Holtzclaw

Ralph Jarrell

Jo Ellen Jones

Alyce Madden

Jose Santamaria

Michelle Turner

Enedina Velez

We sincerely apologize for any errors/omissions. Please contact us so that we may correct them.




Bartow, Catoosa, Chattooga, Dade, Fannin, Floyd, Gilmer, Gordon, Haralson, Murray, Paulding, Pickens, Polk, Walker and Whitfield


Mark Blanton, Chair

Delana Hickman, Vice-Chair

Mark Krueger, Secretary/Treasurer

Julie Burton

Ralph Jarrell

Jim Moore

David Smith

Ann Turner

Maureen Zeigler


Maia Santamaria

Executive Director

Christina Holtzclaw

Assistant Director

Avis Elliott

Business Coordinator

David Hortman

Development Coordinator

Kathy Baker

Independent Living Coordinator

Andy Wade

Independent Living Coordinator

Jill Baldwin

Independent Living Coordinator

Tonia Clayton

Peer Mentor




  • Advocacy (Individual Empowerment and Systems Change)
  • Independent Living Skills Training
  • Information and Referral
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Transition (Youth and Nursing Facility Transition/Diversion)


  • Assistive Tools and Technology (wheelchairs, CCTVs, pocket talkers, shower chairs…)
  • Home Modifications (ramps, door widenings, accessible bathrooms…)
  • Alzheimer’s Caring Closet (pull-ups and blue pads for people with dementia)
  • Community Closet (same as above, except serves people who do not have dementia)
  • Balancing Incentive Program (providing information and screenings for waivers)
  • Food Bank Referrals

242 North 5th Avenue, Rome, GA 30165  

P: 706.314.0008 TF: 866.888.7845 Find us on Twitter @NWGACIL