Summer 2017 Newsletter



We are officially settled into our new office location at 527 Broad Street, Suite 101 in downtown Rome!

This new location has more space for training, peer support groups and lunch & learns! We are very excited to be in this new space, and so…

building front

You’re Invited to Our OPEN HOUSE

Celebrating our new office location!

Wednesday, July 12th, from 10am until 2pm

Lunch will be provided!

The Chamber of Commerce will perform a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10am


NWGA Center for Independent Living

Cordially Invites You to Our

Fourth Annual Non-Event:

Back on Broad and On a Roll!

A Bebop, Hip-hop, Rap, Tap, Twist, Jump, Disco, Vogue, Electric Slide, Moonwalk, Funky Chicken, Mashed Potato, Waltz, Watusi and YMCA Virtual Dance through our fifteen counties in NWGA

 When: Summer 2017

Where: from Wherever You Are

R.S.V.P.: through September 2017




The “Wild Woman”, Felicia!

 My name is Mr. Cotton, and my human is Christopher, one of the new Independent Living Coordinators at the CIL. I’m not sure about this “calendar” thing the humans use, but I’ve noticed that it’s getting really hot in the outside places. This seems like it could be dangerous for us and the humans. Can you give us some tips on surviving the hot days? 

 – Mr. Cotton, Christopher’s service dog


Dear Mr. Cotton,

First off, welcome to the team! We’re really excited to have you at the CIL! Can we share toys?

The hot times are really dangerous for the humans and us both. The first thing that people need to remember is that if it’s too hot for them to walk on the pavement, then it’s definitely too hot for us! We have pads on our feet, but it is skin and gets burnt just like a human’s skin would. Make sure all of the feet you care about are protected!

Times of extreme heat are especially dangerous because we can all have heat stroke and dehydration. Here are some signs of heat stroke & dehydration that you and your human can look out for: shallow breathing, dizziness, dry mouth, headaches and a lack of perspiration. Make sure you and your human stay hydrated and only go into the heat when you absolutely have to!

And don’t forget that heat can cause severe weather conditions, too! It’s a great time to make sure you have an emergency supply kit. The folks at the CIL are always happy to help you through building your kit, so give them a shout!

Best Barks & Wiggles to you! — Felicia


New Peer Mentoring Groups! 

NWGA CIL is excited to announce that we have formed two peer mentoring groups that are open to our consumers and the community. The first group is the Peer Mentor Group that meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 11am until 1pm at our office (bring your lunch and eat with us). The second group is the Job Circle, a peer-driven group that focuses on supporting our consumers as they strive to find employment, through job readiness assistance, informational discussions by guest speakers, an employment-focused curriculum and more! This group will meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 11am – 1pm, with the next event on July 19th. We will continue to communicate announcements for the dates of these events.


Fiscal Year 2016 DONORS



Wells Fargo

The Church at Northside ─

Danny Wade

Citizens of Georgia Power

Hilda Dailey

Exchange Club of Rome

Mark Krueger

Jean Lankford

Morehouse Group PC

Donna & Mailon Baxley

Hal E. Blanton

SA Brierley

Samuel T Burrell

Georgia Museums, Inc.

Suzi and Peter Gilbert

Ray Hanson

Frances F Knight

Knights of Columbus/WP Adams

Mary Lancaster

Nick and Melanie Merrin

Jose and Maia Santamaria

Nancy Starr

Dennis & Brenda Trosclair

Georgia Council of the Blind Rome


Ben Baldwin

Dale Bell

Paige Burke

Jean Cahill

CCSP/Angela Dollar

Church of Northside/Cleta and Jim Cook

Ginger Cochran

Chick fil A/Greg Majors

Comforcare/Mary Harrell

Cooper Medical

Etowah Senior Center/Tammy Bryant

Shaina Gibson

Helping Hands

Homestead Hospice

Nancy Best Johnston

Frances F Knight

Knights of Columbus

Mt. Berry Hospice

New Hope Ministries

Northside Church/Johnny Davis

Parker Center Advisory Council

Amy Portwood

Reliable Health Care Management/Shelly Graham

Marion Shaw

Sherwood Forest Baptist Church

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

Valerie Tuttle

West Rome Baptist Church

Jenny Williams

Omega Williams



John is a 27 year old male who is visually impaired and resides in Bartow county.  He was referred to us by Vocational Rehabilitation to assist him in learning JAWS, which is a screen reader for visually impaired people that helps them use a computer.

Before working with the staff at NWGA CIL, John said, “I felt that I had the basics of learning JAWS.”  After learning JAWS with our staff, John said, “I feel more confident of knowing the commands to use JAWS to be able to navigate the Internet.”  John said,” I had a good experience working with Tonia and I felt that I learned more with her help than I would have done if I had to learn it all by myself.”  John also said,”I felt that after learning JAWS that I am more confident in trying to get a good job in the community.”

We always love hearing how our consumers are achieving their goals, and being able to share these stories with our community!



Welcome New Staff Members!  

NWGA CIL is happy to announce that we have two new Independent Living Coordinators on staff. Vincent Olziewski and Christopher Holcomb have joined our team and are working hard to bring our services to more people with disabilities.



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